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How software helps detect contraband
OD Security makes Transmission X-Ray Full body scanners for correctional facilities and prisons, customs and occasionally diamond and gold mines. The scanners scan incoming and outgoing persons for contraband they carry on and/or in the body. With minimal amounts of radiation (comparable to eating two bananas), the X-ray scanners create as good a...
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Brainport should export its world-class software & engineering capabilities
"In a world where the demand for increasingly complex cyber-physical systems is increasing, there is a huge opportunity for companies from the Brainport region to leverage their unique competencies, argues Robert Howe."
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"Linking into one system", the basis for optimization
In the manufacturing industry, companies regularly run into the fact that planning for different production lines is a challenge of magnitude. When planning is complex, it is almost impossible for one person to put together an optimal work schedule. Fortunately, automation can be a help in this by merging various resources. Advantage for...
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