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Every day you work hard with your company to digitize other companies, products and/or services. Constantly you look for opportunities that fit your proposition in order to provide a complete solution for a customer. But how do you meet like-minded people and potential new customers for your own company? Where and how can you find a safe and innovative environment to conduct experiments without disrupting the customer's daily process? Brainport Digital Factory can be the missing link in this.

Brainport Digital Factory is both a technical- and market-oriented networking organization. A gathering point of the most advanced software companies in the Netherlands. A club of companies that recognize that the best way to help customers is to inspire them with practical examples and valuable knowledge. In this way it is easier to determine whether a customer also suits you. Another advantage: developing a total solution together, getting results faster with less of your own investment.

Besides the many interesting companies, there is also the cluster manager to help with questions or ideas. A direct link between your company and a very extensive network. During the cooperation he will point out opportunities, developments and trends that have a direct impact on your business. This will save you valuable time.

What DNA are we looking for?

At Brainport Digital Factory, we are looking for active members. Companies that can see an external colleague in a competitor in order to solve a complex problem together. The strength lies in the mix of companies, both in type and size. Indeed, at Brainport Digital Factory we look at the impact of your company. From a company that is rapidly conquering the market to a multinational with an extensive portfolio of products. Do you think you are the missing link in our chain? Then contact us directly.

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