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Brainport Digital Factory
Brainport Digital Factory
Getting Started with Digital Factory
Brainport Digital Factory helps manufacturing and production companies digitize their production processes and create smart products.
Meet the power of software
Brainport Digital Factory
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Brainport Digital Factory works every day with 23 active members (business and technical education) to realize the Digital Factory. We have a modern open systems manufacturing platform, on which we apply new Digital Factory technology such as AR, Low code machine models, (private) 5G, accurate localization and AGVs.

By combining in-depth domain knowledge from our members, come up with highly innovative business and technology solutions that concretely implement the digital factory for both SME and large-scale manufacturing companies.

Brainport Digital Factory Members
These companies are ready to help you become a winner in Digital Factory

By collaborating with educational institutions and industry combined with technology to accelerate digitalization, we are developing knowledge on "what, why, how" of the digital factory together with our members.

We provide dedicated technology and solutions in hardware & software around the Industrial Automation &...
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Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology.
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Shinchoku, which is Japanese for "progress," is a company specializing in Smart Industry...
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Our expertise
Digital Factory: what do you want to achieve with your business?

The value of "moving with the times" is endorsed by almost every entrepreneur. But do you know what that requires in terms of digitization and the use of software to achieve your goal? And do you know who can help you work out this question to take concrete steps? That is often what is missing. Brainport Development created Brainport Digital Factory to guide SMEs in digitizing their business operations.

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Reduce costs
Reduce your service and maintenance costs
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Continuous production
Running your business 24/7/365
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Optimize lead time
Reduce the lead time of your production process
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Monitoring and forecasting
Tracking the location of components, parts and products
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Increase revenues
Increasing your first pass yield (first pass yield)
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Smart and connected products
Gain insight into how to make your products smart and connected
Digital Factory Showcases

Brainport Digital Factory also offers digital learning sessions (Knowledge base) to help companies and knowledge institutes gather information and inspiration on new technologies for the development of new processes, products or services.

On Wednesday, June 19, FME, in cooperation with member company...
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In high-tech mechanical engineering, low-code software development is gaining a...
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The Internet of Things, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are...
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Model-driven engineering (MDE) is a software development methodology that provides companies with a...
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Data and automation are playing an increasingly important role in new...
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On Wednesday, June 19, FME, in cooperation with member company KPN, Cordis Automation and Fectar, is organizing a workshop at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven on...
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In high-tech mechanical engineering, low-code software development is on the rise. Additive Industries works with Cordis Suite, which, from a graphical model, provides not only PLC code but also...
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The Internet of Things, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are the biggest buzzwords of the past 2 years. In this session, we look at what...
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