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Slaying the legacy beast in the PLC domain
Fearing substantial machine downtime, the conservative PLC industry is very reluctant to address its legacy software. Based on Bas Beuting's master's thesis, Cordis and Axini have developed a combination of automatic code-to-model transformations and model-based testing that can overcome this reluctance. Capgemini Engineering is ready to put the integrated solution into practice.
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ICT Group expands with special acquisition
ICT Group announces acquisition of 100% of Fourtress B.V. shares. This acquisition is part of ICT's growth strategy aimed at becoming a leading European provider of technology solutions in defined markets.
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10 million growth capital for Bright Cape after joining forces
HELMOND/EINDHOVEN - Owner Erwin Cootjans of Helmond-based logistics service provider Nunner is joining forces with Eindhoven-based data analysis company Bright Cape. This will receive over 10 million euros in growth capital through investments by Cootjans and the current owners.
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