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How to measure a planet
In 1998, a not-so-obscure metal band from 's-Hertogenbosch released an album titled "How to measure a planet." The band was called The Gathering, and this album was a break from their previous albums, which were filled with rather bombastic heavy metal. Bold, but they did it - and they were successful. With...
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Continuous optimization of machines without loss of production
Brainport Digital Factory combines the expertise of its members to keep machines in manufacturing up-to-date by enabling continuously optimized software updates for these production machines. The best software technologies in the areas of low-code, digital twinning, big data and artificial intelligence are uniquely connected to sustainably optimize machines....
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Robotics: when innovation goes hand in hand with well-being
Challenge is what drives Marina! Specializing in robotics and automation, Marina therefore did not hesitate for a moment to leave her native Spain to study in the Netherlands. There she completed her master's degree in engineering at Delft University of Technology. This led to her meeting with the ALTEN, where a first project in the Netherlands...
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