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How software helps detect contraband
OD Security makes Transmission X-Ray Full body scanners for correctional facilities and prisons, customs and occasionally diamond and gold mines. The scanners scan incoming and outgoing persons for contraband they carry on and/or in the body. With minimal amounts of radiation (comparable to eating two bananas), the X-ray scanners create as good a...
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Kruidvat hypermodern e-fulfilment center means substantial expansion of WMS
A.S. Watson, parent company of Kruidvat and Trekpleister, among others, has recently doubled the capacity of its e-commerce DC in Ede by not only expanding the floor space with mezzanine floors, but also largely mechanizing and automating processes. This is done, among other things, by deploying robots on the move. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) had to be upgraded due to...
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Data-driven malting helps Holland Malt reduce its carbon footprint
By turning the furnace down just 1 percent, Holland Malt can save enough electricity to power a small village for a year. Data science and modeling help the malting company reduce its carbon footprint.
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Vanderlande innovates with 5G in partnership with Dutch telecom provider KPN
From wired to wireless: it's possible thanks to 5G. Because the combination of enormous capacity, extremely high reliability and ultra-low latency make 5G more than just a new form of connectivity. It is the first wireless network that offers a full-fledged alternative to a wired network. Thus, 5G enables the "wireless factory. A whole new...
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Predictive maintenance leads to more robust business model chicken slaughter lines
When Alten suggested a chicken slaughter line manufacturer implement predictive maintenance, the software service provider initially met with skepticism. "Predictive maintenance sounded nice," the customer said, "but why replace expensive parts earlier than necessary? Why fix something that isn't really broken?"
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"Linking into one system", the basis for optimization
In the manufacturing industry, companies regularly run into the fact that planning for different production lines is a challenge of magnitude. When planning is complex, it is almost impossible for one person to put together an optimal work schedule. Fortunately, automation can be a help in this by merging various resources. Advantage for...
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