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Brainport Digital Factory
Brainport Digital Factory
Speak to an expert
Do you have a project proposal or innovation issue? Talk to our experts to make the right priorities and choices.
Brainport Digital Factory
Speak with an expert

Do you have a project proposal or innovation issue? Ideas about improving your company's performance that you want to discuss with an expert?

For many entrepreneurs, "Digital Factory" is a vague term that refers to some very interesting concepts, but is not clearly related to the immediate needs of their business. Discuss it with our experienced experts.

We are ready to arrive at the right priorities and choices.


    What do we offer?
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    Optimize lead time
    Reduce the lead time of your production process
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    Monitoring and forecasting
    Tracking the location of components, parts and products
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    Reduce costs
    Reduce your service and maintenance costs
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    Continuous production
    Running your business 24/7/365
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    Increase revenues
    Increasing your first pass yield (first pass yield)
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    Smart and connected products
    Gain insight into how to make your products smart and connected
    Brainport Digital Factory Members
    These companies are ready to help you become a winner in Digital Factory

    By collaborating with educational institutions and industry combined with technology to accelerate digitalization, we are developing knowledge on "what, why, how" of the digital factory together with our members.