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Brainport Digital Factory
Brainport Digital Factory
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A team of passionate professionals in Smart Industry
Meet the power of software
Brainport Digital Factory
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Brainport Digital Factory works every day with 23 active members (business and technical education) to realize the Digital Factory. We have a modern open systems manufacturing platform, on which we apply new Digital Factory technology such as AR, Low code machine models, (private) 5G, accurate localization and AGVs.

By combining in-depth domain knowledge from our members, come up with highly innovative business and technology solutions that concretely implement the digital factory for both SME and large-scale manufacturing companies.

About Brainport Digital Factory
Visit the Digital Factory

The Digital Factory at the Brainport Industries Campus is the physical place for you to meet our members, ask questions or experience what solutions will help you. We can also find out for you which company best suits your question.

Are you a software development company yourself? Brainport Digital Factory is always looking for star performers. Contact us for more information to join as one of the 23 companies.

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23 Active Members
Help digitize production processes and create smart products
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Digital Innovation Hub
Awarded prestigious label by the European Commission
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50+ Knowledge Base Articles
On relevant topics important to your business and issue
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146 Events Per Year
Our members organize a variety of events to support you
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16 Different Showcases
There is no better way to learn about Digital Factory than by experiencing what others have accomplished
Visit our digital factory
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Brainport Digital Factory
Factory of the Future
Smart Industry
Brainport Digital Factory belongs to the official Smart Industry Fieldlabs and is part of the 'Factory of the Future' innovation program, offering you access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology to support you in testing and experimenting with digital innovations.
Proud participant of
Fieldlab VIA APPIA
The objective is to industrialize applications of AI and VR/AR within a maintenance & service context. This by jointly analyzing and pooling knowledge and experiences of project participants to arrive at valuable industrial applications.
Digital Innovation Hub (DIH).
European label
A prestigious label awarded by the European Commission as part of its "Smart Specialization" policy. Digital Innovation Hubs are Europe's "one-stop shops" that help companies become more competitive using digital technologies.
FNS antenna
6G and FNS
Research Wireless Factory
Brainport Digital Factory is part of growth fund FNS (Future Network Services). We are conducting research on the 6G Wireless Factory