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Where to start digitizing
To make processes as streamlined and efficient as possible, it is important to start digitizing. Simply put, from paper to computer equipment, from folders to hard drives. Several business processes can be taken care of in such a digital transition. For example, it is good to look at the supply chain,...
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How to measure a planet
In 1998, a not-so-obscure metal band from 's-Hertogenbosch released an album titled "How to measure a planet." The band was called The Gathering, and this album was a break from their previous albums, which were filled with rather bombastic heavy metal. Bold, but they did it - and they were successful. With...
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"Linking into one system", the basis for optimization
In the manufacturing industry, companies regularly run into the fact that planning for different production lines is a challenge of magnitude. When planning is complex, it is almost impossible for one person to put together an optimal work schedule. Fortunately, automation can be a help in this by merging various resources. Advantage for...
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