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Knowledge base: Digital Factory - The route to an autonomous factory
Data and automation are playing an increasingly important role in new business models. Industries are getting smarter as machines, products, services and people are constantly connected and sharing information. This time, we look at what Digital Factory can do for your factory, addressing the following questions, among others:
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How software helps detect contraband
OD Security makes Transmission X-Ray Full body scanners for correctional facilities and prisons, customs and occasionally diamond and gold mines. The scanners scan incoming and outgoing persons for contraband they carry on and/or in the body. With minimal amounts of radiation (comparable to eating two bananas), the X-ray scanners create as good a...
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5G opportunities for the manufacturing industry
KPN would like to introduce you to 5G. You can find us at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven, where, together with partners, we are realizing new applications with 5G for the Dutch manufacturing industry. There, in the Software Competence Center, you will see in practice how 5G indoors makes the wireless factory possible. But of course you can also...
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How do you use security as a building block for innovation?
Innovation is wonderful and necessary at the same time. It is the core competence of the Brainport region, which has become the smartest region in the world. Innovation is in the DNA of the Netherlands, but there are also issues that inhibit innovation. Due to strict GDPR/AVG rules and security requirements, it is not always possible to achieve the desired...
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