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How do you use security as a building block for innovation?

Innovating is wonderful and necessary at the same time. It is the core competence of the Brainport region, which has become the smartest region in the world. Innovation is in the DNA of the Netherlands, but there are also issues that inhibit innovation. Due to strict GDPR/AVG rules and security requirements, it is not always possible to take full advantage of desired innovation.

Bright Cape helps companies make use of the enormous amount of data they possess. Artificial intelligence is used to recognize patterns in business processes and make predictions about upcoming developments.

In brief

At the same time, security can also be a building block to actually enable innovation. A good example of this is sharing an advanced 3D printer. Instead of each company purchasing its own expensive printer, which then sits idle 60% of the time, you can share this 3D printer with multiple companies. To accomplish this, it is important that the working drawings cannot be viewed by other users and that billing can be done on a per-use basis. To achieve this, one can deploy a diode.

Security as a building block to enable innovation

A diode provides separation between systems or in this case data. It has the same effect as a lock in a river. Data can go from the high network to the low network, but not the other way around. Through the use of advanced software, it is also possible to split up data packages so that construction drawings cannot be viewed or copied by others and the finance department only receives the invoice.

It combines the physical property of the one-way diode and the flexibility through software to cut up data packets and send them to different departments. This prevents people from accessing competitively sensitive information in your machine.


Compumatica is a cybersecurity manufacturer in the fields of encryption (network encryption, e-mail encryption) and network security (firewalls, diode technology).

The company has existed since 1991, when almost no one was working with cybersecurity. Compumatica secure networks is a completely independent private company with several offices in Europe. Compumatica's customers are governments and companies in the top 500. Compumatica develops, produces and implements solutions with a high security level without backdoors. During the development process of the solutions, security is at the center next to easy implementation and integration, simple management and user-friendliness for the end user.

Compumatica Secure Networks: Cybersecurity With A Personal Touch

Compumatica is a cybersecurity manufacturer in the field of encryption and network security